UVC Sterilization Light

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Product Description

Ultra-wavelength UV and short-wave UVC have sterilization and disinfection effects. They are broad-spectrum, efficient, fast and thorough, do not need harmful chemicals, nothing can resist it, and have no secondary pollution effects.

HOW TO STERILIZE: Shine light very near surfaces, 3 to 5cm away, and hold there for about 10 seconds before moving onto the next area.

Switch the UVC light on and slowly sweep across material and surfaces to disinfect. Sterilization occurs within a few seconds. Make sure surfaces are clean from dirt or dust for full effect of UVC to sanitize area well.

Germicidal effect up to 99.9%. UVC light with wavelength around 270nm destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in viruses.

These handheld wands are USB rechargeable so can be continuously used whenever needed and stored away easily.

Elegant shape, lightweight feel and grip allows for a smooth sweeping action to safely sanitize surfaces of all shapes and sizes.