Snap Armband

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Product Description

The Snap Armband is a colorful promotional tool that combines practicality with style. Measuring 3 x 34cm, this plastic neon armband is designed to snap securely onto your arm to ensure maximum visibility during nighttime activities. Its reflective outer makes it easy to spot in low light, which makes it an ideal choice for joggers, cyclists, and anyone else who wants to stay seen and safe on the go.

But the Snap Armband is more than just a safety accessory. It also features a bendable iron inner core that allows you to shape it to your preferred form, ensuring a perfect fit every time. And with its velvet lining, this armband is not only comfortable to wear but also stylish and sleek.

The Snap Armband is available in a range of neon colours, making it an excellent choice for corporate events, parties, music festivals, charity walks, and sporting occasions. Whether you are promoting your brand, your charity, or just your presence at a special event, the Snap Armband is sure to make a lasting impression.

The Snap Armband is ideal for distributing as a thank-you to your event attendees or as a gift to your employees. It is also great for charity fundraisers, where it can be sold to help raise money for a good cause.

Whether you want to stay seen while cycling or jogging, or you want to show off your support for your company or charity, the Snap Armband is the perfect accessory that offers style, comfort, and safety all in one. So, snap it on, shape it up, and make a statement with the Snap Armband today.