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Corporate Clothing & Promotional Merchandise Branding

Azulwear offers unique customised branding facilities where you can brand your workwear or promotional gifts with your company logo. Customising your workwear provides a brand identity, make the most of your marketing budget by customising your staff uniforms or promotional gifts. View below our various branding options available for custom branding clothing and promotional gifts.


We accept the following FILE TYPES (ALL for PC NOT MAC)

Illustrator (.AI)

CorelDRAW (.CDR)


JPEG (Hi-resolution - at least 300dpi)


Estimate time frame for branding is 7 to 14 Days

There is a once-off DIGITISING CHARGE per new artwork

Email your artwork to



Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with designs stitched in strands of thread. Driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files, embroidery machines automatically create a design on the product in the form of the artwork that was input into the machine.


Creates a high value, prestigious aesthetic

Suitable for both flat and irregular surfaces

Allows single and multi-colour branding

Embroidery will not fade or wash away

Certain items can only be embroidered 

Recommended for fleece or heavy cotton


Size – the bigger the artwork the more stitches which increases price and weight

Size of written letters - we recommend text size of no smaller than 8mm

Framing the embroidery (pockets on shirts)

Embroidered space above pocket

Remove pocket, embroider, then resew the pocket

Long turn-around time for large orders

Fine detail can be lost



Screen Printing is the process where artwork is exposed onto a mesh screen. The blank areas are coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is placed onto the screen and a squeegee is used to push the ink through the screen in the areas where the artwork has been imposed. Colours are printed one at a time so being accurate is essential.


Cost-effective solution for larger quantities

Allows single and multi-colour branding (up to 6 colours)

The inks used are very durable and extremely vivid

Artwork can be printed on a large variety of materials and objects


These items CANNOT be screen printed – Fleece, certain moisture management garments and synthetic garments



A noteworthy way to increase visibility for your brand with full-colour, digitally printed Belly Bands. They add a professional finishing touch to notebooks.



Digital transfer printing is the process of printing full colour designs onto garments, caps or bags via a heat process. A digital image is printed onto special transfer paper and the product that is being branded is treated with a chemical before the artworkis applied.The image on the transfer paper is then cut out with a plotter, which is a machine that cuts through paper following an outline.The transfer paper is then placed onto the product,using the correct amount of heat and pressurethe inkis transferredfrom the paper onto the product. At this stage the branded product is treated with a sealing chemical to ensure permanency of the artwork.



A full-colour digital image is printed onto a special transfer paper. This paper is then coated with a unique powdered glue which is cured onto the ink with UV rays. Thereafter it is placed onto the product which is inserted into a heat press and the heat from the press allows the print to be transferred directly onto the fabric. 

  • Perfect for complex logos with multiple colours, shading and gradients, small text and intricate detail as ink is not absorbed by the material, resulting in sharper artwork with excellent clarity
  • A high-impact branding method with a bold and vibrant 
    photo-realistic result that brings your brand to life


Pad Printing is an offset printing process that involves ink being transferred from an engraved metal plate onto a product via a silicone pad, creating an image on the product. Each colour is applied separately but the detail in the print can still be excellent.

  • Great all-round solution that’s fast and economical
  • Can be applied on virtually any shape
  • Suitable for most surface textures
  • Favoured for small plastic items like pens, keyholders and torches
  • Allows single and multi-colour branding ( up to 4 colours )



The artwork is burned into the product using a COâ‚‚laser, replicating the original artwork with great accuracy. The laser “burns” the top layer of the product off and reveals the layer beneath. Laser engraving is a permanent and classy method of branding. This process is used mainly for items such as metal pens, keyholders, mugs, flasks and BBQ items.

Laser Etching is used to brand spacer fabrics, fleece and needle felt, as well as glass fibre fabric, thermo-resistant and other technical textiles.



Domed stickers are a tactile and popular form of product labelling and brand identity. Stickers are digitally printed on an adhesive surface and then cut to the required shape and size. The stickers are covered with a polyurethane coating to give a three-dimensional appearance.

Ideal for multi-colour artworks and can be applied to smooth and inflexible surfaces.



A metal plate containing the artwork is pressed into the surface of a product using both heat and pressure, creating a permanent stamped impression sunken in the product.

It creates a permanent and classy 3D look and is ideal for genuine and imitation leather products.



Hot stamping with foil is a similar process to debossing except that a thin foil is pressed into the product to create a colour. Even though heat and pressure are applied, they are applied in lesser volume than during debossing and therefore the impression is shallower.

Ideal for genuine and imitation leather products as well as PU.

For foil t-shirt printing sheets of foil are heat pressed on top of plastisol inks. Keep in mind that foil can peel after a few washes if shirts are not taken care of. To extend the life of the foil wash these garments inside out in cold water and then hang dry. 

Hot foil stamping process doesn’t use real gold leaf unless specifically requested. Metallic foils are made of aluminium or tin, and are combined with a colour layer to produce the desired effect. Pigment foils come in a range of eye-catching matte or gloss colours. Pearl foils add a pearlescent sheen to otherwise mostly transparent or translucent colour. They are used to give more tactile shine for elegant stationery like invitations and business cards.


Sublimation Printing is a process done by way of a digital full-colour printer which is fitted with special sublimation inks. The logo is printed onto a special transfer paper and cut automatically to the correct shape. The logo is then placed onto the product and heat is applied, causing the inks to migrate from the paper onto the product.

  • Ensures premium full-colour photorealistic prints
  • Flexibility characteristics of the product are not affected since the ink simply migrates to the product
  • Only suitable for white products made from polyester fabric 
    ( minimum 60% ) and polymer coated products


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