Betasan Sanitiser & Dispensers

Betasan Sanitiser & Dispensers is a comprehensive category that offers a wide range of products designed to promote proper hand hygiene and sanitization. From hand sanitiser dispensers to liquid and gel refills, surface sprays, aerosol foggers, wipes, and more, this category has everything you need to keep yourself and your surroundings clean and safe.

The Betasan Hand Sanitiser Sensor Dispenser is a convenient and touch-free solution for dispensing hand sanitiser wherever it is needed. The Sensor Spray Stand and Countertop Dispenser options provide versatility in placement, making it easy to ensure sanitiser is readily available in high traffic areas. Refills are available in various sizes, including 1Lt liquid refills and 500ml spray packs, to keep your dispensers stocked and ready for use.

In addition to hand sanitiser products, Betasan also offers Antibacterial Surface Sprays in convenient 300ml bottles or larger 5L sizes for use in various settings. Aerosol foggers provide a quick and effective way to disinfect larger areas, while all-purpose wipes offer a convenient solution for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces on the go.

Whether you are looking for personal sanitisation solutions or products for commercial use, Betasan Sanitiser & Dispensers has everything you need to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Trust Betasan for quality products that help promote health and wellness for you and those around you.