Disposable Wear supplies a wide range of disposable wear products to the medical and hospitality industries. This category includes breathable polypropylene coveralls, sleeve protectors, latex and nitrile gloves, overshoes and beard protectors, aprons, and mop caps. All these products are designed with the aim of providing personal protection and maintaining good hygiene.

In industries such as healthcare and hospitality, it is crucial to have proper protective gear to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the safety of both personnel and the environment. Disposable wear plays a key role in achieving this. The disposable coveralls, for example, are made of breathable polypropylene material to allow for comfort and ease of movement, while also providing a barrier against harmful substances. Similarly, the sleeve protectors, along with the plastic overshoes and beard protectors, are designed to limit the spread of contaminants and maintain overall hygiene.

The range of gloves available in this category is essential for various tasks. The latex and nitrile gloves offer protection against chemicals and are ideal for medical procedures or handling food. The vinyl PVC powder-free gloves are suitable for general tasks that require a level of dexterity. These gloves are disposable, ensuring easy and convenient use while maintaining hygiene standards.