Safety Footwear

Your workforce deserves the best safety footwear protection available

Make sure your workforce is protected and comfortable by providing the correct work and safety footwear. Our top brands include Barron Footwear, Bova Footwear, Dot Safety Footwear, Sisi ladies Safety Footwear, Lemaitre and Frams Safety Footwear.

Azulwear stocks a variety of styles to cater for different industries and work environments including construction, security and hospitality. Safety footwear is designed to suit specific industries and comply with health and safety regulations. In industries where workers regularly have contact with heavy objects or a hazardous environment it is essential that the appropriate shoes or boots are worn. We stock a wide range of high quality, high performance footwear for both men and women with steel-toe caps, anti-slip soles, waterproof outers, energy absorbing heels and more.

Browse our online shop or contact our sales team to find the best safety footwear, gumboots, chef clogs and socks for your crew. 

Azulwear also offers a range of workwear socks that are hard wearing, offer protection against the elements, are breathable and reinforced for durability to ensure comfort and a professional appearance at all times.