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Product Description

Pioneer Safety Air RS005, Single cartridge, reusable, lightweight and adjustable, half mask is used in combination with Pioneer Safety Air gas and/or particulate filter/cartridges, designed to protect the user’s respiratory system from breathing in the hazards of dangerous gases and particulates.

The RS005 half mask design entails a high-performance exhalation valve, situated in a black PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) body, that has a soft seal on the face with a dual elastic head band complete and large quick release toggles for ease of putting on and taking off when used with gloves.

The RS005 half mask has a low profile design, that integrates with face shields, eye protective devices and hard hats.

Pioneer Safety Air RS005 is a standard size half mask body and being adjustable allows for a customized fit for the user, that complements the Pioneer Safety twin cartridge filter system, resulting in lower inventory of cartridges and respirators.

Pioneer respiratory equipment is easy to use, clean and has minimal maintenance.

Style: Single cartridge, adjustable, PVC body, re-useable half mask with a storage protective mould.

Resistance to Temperature:  a) 24 h in a dry atmosphere of (70+3)"C. - b) 24 h at a temperature of (-30*3)"C.

Exhalation Valve: Continuous exhalation flow of 300 I/min over a period of 30s. Housing and its attachment withstood an axial tensile force of 50N applied for 10s.

Mass: 95.5 g with no cartridge assembly.

Inward Leakage: <5 % of the inhaled air & mean result not exceeds 2%.

Half Body Mask: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).