Travel Mug -450ml

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Product Description

Looking for a reliable travel mug that can keep your beverages hot or cold for hours? The 450ml Travel Mug might just be the solution you need. With a sleek design that's perfect for people who are always on the go, this travel mug is packed with features that will make your life easier and your drinks more enjoyable.

One of the key features of this travel mug is its stainless steel outer. This not only gives it a sleek and stylish look, but it also provides optimal insulation to ensure that your beverages stay at the desired temperature for longer. The mug’s PP inner and black plastic base also help to keep your drinks hot or cold while on the move.

This travel mug comes with a screw-off lid that is designed to prevent spills and leaks. This means you can carry your drinks with you without worrying about spills damaging your bags or clothes. It also has a capacity of 470ml, meaning you can enjoy a larger cup of coffee or tea on your commute to work or while traveling.

The mug is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your bag or backpack. Its size dimensions of 18 x 8 x 8cm and polypropylene inner also make it convenient to use when you’re out hiking or camping, or simply taking a leisurely walk.

In conclusion, if you want a travel mug that is reliable, insulated, and spill-proof, then the 450ml Travel Mug is definitely worth trying out. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or a traveler looking to enjoy hot or cold drinks while on the go, this travel mug is a great option to consider. With its sleek design, durable build, and functional features, it's an excellent investment that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.