Cotton & Towling Gloves

The Cotton & Toweling Gloves category offers a wide range of soft and versatile gloves designed for various purposes. From inspection gloves to cotton gloves of different weights, this category has everything you need to keep your hands protected and comfortable.

Whether you need gloves for light inspection work or heavy-duty tasks, you will find a suitable option in this category. The Cotton Glove - 800GM and Cotton Glove 450gm are perfect for jobs that require extra protection, while the Cotton Kevlar Polka Dot Gloves provide a strong grip with added durability.

For tasks that require a gentle touch, the Double Sided Polka Dot Glove and Single Sided Polka Dot Glove offer a comfortable fit with the right amount of grip. These gloves are ideal for delicate tasks that require precision and accuracy.

Additionally, the Cotton Toweling gloves in this category come in different sizes to suit your needs. Whether you need a 40cm towel for larger jobs or a 7cm towel for smaller tasks, you can find the perfect fit in this category.

Overall, the Cotton & Toweling Gloves category offers a diverse selection of gloves that provide comfort, protection, and functionality. Whether you are working in a warehouse, handling delicate materials, or performing inspections, these gloves are designed to meet your needs and keep your hands safe. Choose from a variety of styles and weights to find the perfect glove for your specific requirements.