HACCP Clothing

The HACCP Clothing category consists of a wide range of garments designed for professionals working in the food industry who prioritize safety and hygiene. These garments are specifically engineered to meet the strict standards of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles, ensuring optimal protection against potential food hazards.

For those working in environments that require additional protection, the HACCP Dust Coats are an ideal option. These coats are designed to shield workers from dust and contaminants, keeping the work area and food products safe. 

The Simba Cap, on the other hand, offers head protection while adhering to HACCP guidelines. Its lightweight and breathable fabric ensure comfort even during long shifts. 

The HACCP Food Safety Jacket, Figo Utility Top, and Food Safety Pants in different colors provide versatility and style, while meeting the rigorous requirements of food safety protocols.

HACCP Clothing category offers a comprehensive selection of garments that prioritize safety, hygiene, and functionality. Whether you work in a kitchen, canteen, or any food handling environment, these products are specifically designed to meet HACCP standards and provide reliable protection for both employees and the food being handled.