Work Force Headwear


Work Force Headwear offers a wide range of high-quality hi viz caps and hats designed for the work force. Our collection includes an array of functional and comfortable headwear options suitable for various industries and professions. Whether you work in a professional kitchen, healthcare facility, construction site, or security services, we have the perfect headwear to meet your needs.

Chef Mushroom Hat, perfect for chefs who want to maintain a clean and professional appearance in the kitchen. For medical professionals, our Disposable Surgeon Theatre Cap provides a hygienic and convenient solution. Additionally, our Value Fade Resistant Cap ensures durability and color retention, making it ideal for those who work in outdoor environments.

Enhancing visibility is crucial in many occupations, which is why we offer our Visibility Cap in a striking lumo yellow and black design. This cap ensures that you are easily seen, promoting safety in high-risk work areas. For chefs who prioritize both style and practicality, our Chef Skull Cap offers a sleek and modern design.

Work Force Headwear also caters to outdoor workers with our Willow Bush Hat, Lumo Brim Hat, and Simba Cap, which are all designed to provide protection from the elements without compromising comfort or style. With our various headwear options, you can effectively shield yourself from the sun, wind, and rain, ensuring optimal working conditions.

For those working in the food industry, our range includes the classic Chef Beanie and the unique Bump Cap/Bump Included, which offers additional protection against minor bumps and scrapes.