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Product Description

The DOT Granite Safety Boot Construction Boots are an exceptional choice for individuals who require durable and reliable footwear on the job site. Designed with the latest technology, these boots offer a range of quality features that ensure the safety and comfort of the wearer, even in the most challenging environments.

Crafted from genuine buffalo leather, the upper of the Granite safety boot is water-resistant, preventing mud and cement from clogging the boot and making it difficult to wear. This unique feature sets these boots apart from competitors and is particularly useful for those working in wet and damp conditions.

Furthermore, to promote safety and hygiene, the anti-fungal inner sole enhances the overall comfort of these boots. The sleek design also incorporates a steel toe cap that is impact-resistant up to 200Jouls, ensuring the safety of the toes without adding weight to the boots.

Moreover, the non-slip sole and shock absorption heel make moving around on slippery surfaces a breeze. With the Granite safety boots, construction workers and contractors can walk confidently on any surface, even in oil or acid-spilled situations.

In addition, the Granite construction boots are SABS and CE EN ISO 20345 approved, meaning they pass rigorous testing to ensure they meet construction site safety standards. The lightweight dual-density PU sole allows for flexibility, while heat resistance up to 90°C ensures longevity.

Comfort is equally important, and as such, these construction boots have been designed with a wider cut to accommodate for a range of foot sizes and shapes.

In conclusion, the DOT Granite Safety Boot Construction Boots are a must-have for those working in the construction industry. The latest features installed in these boots ensure safety and comfort, while the quality craftsmanship provides reliability and longevity, perfect for the most challenging environments.